Summary Of Let Punishment Truly Fit The Crime By Robert Blecker

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In “With death penalty, let punishment truly fit the crime,” published on CNN’s website on August 22nd, 2013, Robert Blecker, a professor at New York Law School, argues that the death penalty is suitable to anyone depending on the crime they commit. He mentions in his argument that the majority of people usually like to give the same degree of punishment to a person equal to the crime they committed. He is not fond with this sort of outcome as Blecker states the alternative of the death penalty, “An unpleasant life in prison, a quick but painful death cannot erase the harm. But it can help restore a moral balance”(Blecker 1). He describes lethal injections as too “hospitalized” and would oppose the thought of it. The author later explains that if there was any sort of death penalty there should just be a traditional firing squad. In another argument he also explains that no one takes responsibility for the punishment, and in case of the firing squad the responsibility is just diffused to different groups. He later explains that we have to take responsibility as a people about these capital punishments and that the past really does count. He concludes by saying anesthesia needs to be abolished, and in order to kill a person we, as a people will find a constitutional way to kill them. The article that Blecker wrote supports his view of executing the death penalty more often and without hesitation. In the beginning, there is an ethical appeal since he is professional in this field, his degree and status is shared to help support his argument to the audience. The audience understands that the author knows what he is talking about and all his arguments have a valid point. He starts by ridiculing his opponents on the death penalty by stating, “Let the…show more content…
"With Death Penalty, Let Punishment Truly Fit the Crime." With Death Penalty, Let Punishment Truly Fit the Crime. CNN, 22 Aug. 2013. Web. 22 Sept. 2013.

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