Essay 4 Brock and Euthanasia

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Dan Brock argues that voluntary active euthanasia should be permissible. He begins his argument by stating that there is two fundamental ethical values supporting the consensus on patient’s rights to decide about life-sustaining treatment also support the ethical permissibility of euthanasia. • These values are o Individual self-determination or autonomy o Individual well being 1st argument: • That in any individual case where considerations of the patient’s self-determination and well being do support euthanasia, it is nevertheless always ethically wrong or impermissible. 2nd argument: • Grants that in some individual cases, euthanasia may not be ethically wrong, but maintains nonetheless that public and legal policy should never permit it. The first arguments corresponds with the states, “Euthanasia is the deliberate killing on an innocent person.” Brock states that this claim is correct. • Euthanasia is clearly killing, defined as depriving of life or causing the death of a living being. • I don’t think it necessarily as killing if the patient has requested it. • I agree with Brock when he states that the physicians order were ultimate done by request of the patient. Most people would say that euthanasia is killing, and it’s a logical thought but said persons need to understand where the line is drawn between killing and letting to die. The disease is what’s killing the patient, the physician merely cuts off the obstacle that’s fighting to keep the patient uncomfortably alive. Good Consequences I. If euthanasia were permitted it would be possible to respect the self-determination of competent patient’s who want it, but now can’t get it because of its illegality. II. It benefits a much larger group. a. American’s took a poll and it stated that the public believes that people should have a right to obtain euthanasia, if they want it. b.
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