Persuasive Essay: The Death Penalty In California

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Death Penalty in California Many Californians agree that criminals convicted of insensitive crimes should be executed with lethal injection. One can say that if someone commits a cruel crime than that person should pay the consequences. Even if the person that committed the crime has a mental illness. They should be in the care of a family member or a mental hospital. There is no excuse for someone to take a person’s life. According to Jessica Brooks, “Californians should advocate for the death penalty to remain a part of the legal system. We cannot reward those who clearly do not deserve it” (10). Many criminals are rewarded with a shorter sentenced for good behavior and later return to prison for the same allegations.…show more content…
California should remain this as a useful method of punishment for murder and other terrible crimes. There is nothing worse than losing a loved one. Capital punishment is not just about taking revenge on the person that caused pain, but it’s a method that California should continue to use in order for there to be direct consequences. Even if the person that committed the crime has a life sentence in prison this already cost a large amount of money for taxpayers. Execution is the best method to eliminate the person that committed the crime. There are many cases in which consequences have not been preceded. But the best way to do so is by putting this law in use. Many may differ but in order for this country and state to have crime rate different measures should be taken in consideration. In order for this to take place people need to consider the crimes those criminals have been charge with and have been found innocent and still commit the same charges as the first time. Therefore execution is best way to punish someone by doing it out of justice and not just because people are angry and mad. The death penalty is not a big

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