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The article, “The Death Penalty,” by David Bruck was written in 1985 and first appeared in the New Republic. The author reflects his opinion about the death penalty and expresses his beliefs as to why he is against it. Bruck supports his belief against the death penalty by facts of wrongfully accused prisoners in some court proceedings and the underlying question as to how many other cases this could apply to. He also discusses how the American public feels a sense of ease and justice when prisoners are put to death by electric chair regardless to the fact that the punishment may not suite the crime. He shares the court case of Ernest Knighton who robbed a gas station and killed the owner during the process. The importance of this…show more content…
The following are a few reasons I side for and not against: I believe in recidivism and the fact that unfortunately some citizens have no regard or value for life as they should. With that said, I feel that the death penalty restores value of life into society. Lastly as subjective as it is, capital punishment gives closure to victims’ families and friends, and a sense of…show more content…
I feel it adversely is shown and sought out to enhance the value of human life by demonstrating the old saying “an eye for an eye.” If government were to lower the penalty of murder it would portray that the victims’ loss of life was less significant than that of the murderer. Some opponents feel that a life sentence in prison is a far worse punishment than death. If this is true, then why do so many convicted prisoners put on death row try to appeal and get a lesser sentence? These prisoners who committed the same act outside prison walls are now facing death with no alternative, as their victim had, and aren’t ready to answer to the consequences. In the case of Stephanie Benton, I saw this with my own eyes. The convicted killer hears his possible sentence to death for his malicious acts of crime and shows no remorse for her life, just his own. Since his conviction there have been 81 court dates rescheduled to go forth with his death penalty

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