Life in Prison vs Death Penalty Year 10

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Mia Michael H.English Mrs. Gaskill April 23, 2013 An argument that never seems to have a clear winner is “Life in Prison” vs. “The Death Penalty”. Although both sides have valid points, I feel that only one should be allowed. The death penalty is inhumane and unethical. It seems hypocritical for us, the American people, and are judicial system to say that murder is wrong and illegal, but continue to murder both the guilty and thee wrongfully accused. The death penalty gives those that are actually guilty the easy way out of punishment, and the innocent a wrongful death. Giving the guilty the death penalty keeps them from ever coming to terms with what they have done wrong. They don’t get the chance to truly feel apologetic or right the wrong they have done. The death penalty allows the guilty to escape their own thoughts and guilt. “But the others were perfectly rational. They did not want to spend at least six years, maybe fifteen, appealing their sentences, only to ultimately be strapped to a gurney and injected with poison.” Life in prison means having to think about the crime you have committed. It means having your conscience eat at you for the rest of your life. You can’t escape your own thoughts. That is a true punishment; knowing you have done something wrong and genuinely regretting it. There is a chance the the wrong person could be executed. Within the past forty years more than 140 people have been released from death row in 26 states after being wrongly convicted. For every ten people executed in the United States, one of them is exonerated. "The death penalty costs more, delivers less, and puts innocent lives at risk. Life without parole provides swift, severe, and certain punishment. It provides justice to survivors of murder victims and allows more resources to be invested into solving other murders and preventing violence.

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