Summary Of All Quiet On The Western Front

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Nick Gregory English 10b Mrs. Phillips 2/14/2012 All Quiet on the Western Front: A Brief Summary and Analysis In All Quiet on the Western Front, Erich Maria Remarque tells the story of a group of youths through Paul Baumer, as he comes to realize the horrific reality involved with serving his homeland of Germany during World War One. Paul discovers many negativities of war and this changes him forever. Many aspects of war caused soldiers to develop serious conditions forever altering their lives. Paul watches his friends fight and die for their country. There was a serious story told about the character Paul Baumer and his friends in World War One. All Quiet on the Western Front was the first of its kind. Instead of romanticizing war it exposed it for the terrible, bloody and dirty struggle for human survival that it is. The story starts out in the middle of the conflict and continues to almost the end of the war with brief flashbacks to Paul’s youth and his initial drafting into the army. Paul joined the army directly after high school and never really experienced life. Due to his inexperience and lack of knowledge of the world, the war becomes Paul’s life and in the end, his destruction. I think there were three turning points in Paul’s experience of the war which changed his perspective - when he kills a French soldier in close combat, when he returns home, and when the war appears to be lost and coming to an end. Paul is an experienced fighter whose bullets have killed many people but he has never thought philosophically about that fact. He is fighting for a cause he doesn’t really understand but yet he continues to kill and see his friends die. He relates to the war in an “ideal and almost romantic” fashion (Firda 85) Although he has killed so many people I still think he was a very naïve person; someone older who had lived more of his life would
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