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What drove the sugar trade The sugar trade was driven by its land, easy accessibility of slaves, and the sugar itself. Because of these characteristics the sugar trade grow so much around the world. Just about the whole world was involved in the Sugar Trade. The sugar trade went from the years of 1493 to 1833. The trade took place in many different areas of the world. The main areas that was involved in the sugar trade was Europe, Asia, the New World, and Africa. Without the demand for sugar, there would be no supply, Sugar Trade, and connection between countries. Sugar cane was turning out to be very prosperous. As the trade grew people started to get more involved. The British and the French competed for power over the Caribbean just for sugar. Sugar had to have the perfect conditions for growing. This perfect conditions were found in the caribbean islands. That’s why Jamaica and the Barbados were huge in growing sugar. The sugar trade was motivated by land and climate, consumer demand and the economy. First of all, the sugar trade was impelled by the land and climate. Document 2 shows that sugar cane needed plenty of rainfall, at least 80 to 90 inches per year. Besides that, sugar cane needed to grow in a temperature range between 68-90 degrees with soil that was alluvial or volcanic with a sand silt and clay mix. You can conclude that sugar cane needs to grown in warm temperatures with an assortment of soil. In Document 1 shows why the British and the French competed for power over the Caribbean. The Caribbean was an ideal waterway for trading with other countries. It had routes that could lead in any direction which made sugar trade a whole lot easier. Slaves were a main reason for the increase in sugar crops. Slave trading was already increasing at the time sugar trade was happening which made obtaining them even easier. On Document 10 shows the

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