Ancient Egypt Themes

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Themes in US and World History Task # 1 Nina Valentin 1. Without the seasonal flooding of the Nile, hunter gatherers in the Predynastic period would never have settled into agricultural villages which would lead to the development of Egyptian culture ( In Ancient Egyptian the majority of the population where farmers. The peasant population depended on the cyclical flooding of the Nile to fertilize the surrounding land for cultivation. Since the majority of the population was based in small farming villages along the Nile, agriculture was the basis for their economy ( In the early dynastic period Memphis was founded near the apex of the Nile delta. Therefore the capital had access to the Nile as a water highway. Thus making it simple to ship all kinds of goods and raw materials. This helped established Egypt's vast wealth and culture. 2. Chariots first appeared in Syria sometime around 1800 BCE ( Chariots would become the weapon of choice after that for many tribes and kingdoms. They allowed for military groups to maneuver and conquer their opponents. Cultural diffusion occurred when opposing…show more content…
One environmental factor that contributed to the development of the United States is the large areas fertile land in a temperate climate ( The United States has large amounts of fertile land which lead to a basis for an agricultural economy when it was first settled. The climate is never too hot or too cold as to limit the workable hours in the day. The climate in the fertile lands also has a longer growing season then an area that is extremely hot most of the time. So when the United States was first colonized it the growing season and fertile land made the economy flourish. Tobacco farms and cotton helped establish and grow the American economy. As the economy grew the need for new land and more people increased thus expanding the United States and perpetuating its
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