Student Centred and Teacher Centred Approachs to Learning Essay

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There is more than one way to communicate information to pupils. Some teachers rather a teacher-centered approach (behaviourist), whilst others feel that a student-centered (Humanist) method is effective. While these approaches to teaching are very diverse, they share the same common goal of educating students. A teacher does not have to choose a one solitary approach or another; they can combine aspects of both methods together and use that to produce their lesson plans and scheme of work. What is Student-Centered Learning? (Humanist) Student-centered learning is viewed as a progressive approach to teaching. The reason student-centered learning is to make students more aware of the resources available for them to learn and why this is important. Teachers want to make students more involved in the classroom, by urging them to collaborate with each other. The teacher determines success based on individual student performance, rather than evaluating each person against their peer’s achievements through peer to peer learning. Performing Student-Centered Learning Teachers applying a student-centered learning approach to encourage students to form their own learning objectives. Rather than writing objectives on the curriculum that state the resources that will be covered during the course, these teachers write objectives displaying the knowledge the student will gain after completing the module. Teachers encourage students to learn through activities such as classroom discussions, peer mentoring, educational trips, producing individual portfolios and participating in both self and peer reviews. By incorporating these activities into the lesson, teachers want students to learn skills that are transferable to other activities and to support lifelong learning. What is Teacher-Centered Learning? (Behaviourist) Teacher-centered learning is more of a traditional form
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