Stress Management in Law Enforcement Essay

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Stress Management in Law Enforcement “Best ways for law enforcement officers to reduce stress levels and why this works for you” Being a Law Enforcement officer in itself is a very stressful job. You work long and odd hours, you do not get much time to yourself or with your family and you are constantly putting yourself in harms way to protect people you do not know on a personal level. According to our text book everyone responds differently to stress. states that all the following will lead to different reactions; the law enforcement officers level of experience, years of being in the service and the intensity if the stressful event. They give five very good strategies a law enforcement officer can use to help cope with a stressful event or situation. The first strategy is things you can do at home such as keeping a proper diet, exercising regularly, getting an adequate amount of sleep, ensuring you have good communication with your family members and friends that are not in law enforcement carrier field. The second is remembering to communicate with people about what you are feeling, weather it be at work or at home without the fear of being judged. Keeping things that are bothering you bottled up is not healthy and can cause a lot more unneeded stress. Having a strong social support system is a major stress reliever for many people. The third strategy is when you are feeling stressed out about something and you feel your anxiety starting to rise, try to reassure yourself that everything is ok, try to relax and use different techniques to calm yourself down. The breathing techniques are good to use, or try to image yourself somewhere that would help you relax, for example sitting on a beach with the sun on your skin listening to the waves of the ocean. The fourth technique that can be used

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