Argumentative Essay Felons

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Example Essay People make mistakes everyday. The question is should they pay for those mistakes for the rest of their life? Having a felony on your record is a life sentence. It effects so many different parts of your life, the lives of others and society in general. Trying to find employment in today’s economy is hard enough, but add a felony to that and it makes it 10 times as hard. Without jobs, convicted felons often look to get public assistance and taxpayer’s help. They lose many of their rights and privileges and are often judged beforehand. Almost all employers today conduct a background check upon hiring. They are hesitant to hire felons because of their past and their criminal record; they don’t want to take that chance.…show more content…
They already paid for the time they did in prison, should they have to keep paying for them to live? Money that supports convicts could be used for so many other better things today. Losing rights and privileges is embarrassing for a felon. You lose the right to vote, which many felons don’t realize how absurd it really is. We live in a democracy. WE THE PEOPLE choose people to be our leaders and by taking that away defeats the purpose. Convicts also cannot serve on juries or serve in the armed forces. Depending on what kind of felony there are other restrictions set like no financial aid for drug related crimes. I believe that some restrictions should be put on the recently convicted. However, what about when that person really turns their life around? Should he/she still have to be punished? When is the debt paid? A person with a felony is public knowledge. It’s so hard to find employment and to adjust back into society. But I am living proof that if you fight for your life and want to change, you can! Nothing that is worthwhile is easy to get, but it’s all worth it when you
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