Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Constitution Essay

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The constitution Marshenia Francis HIS/115 GEORGE MEGENNEY Though the Articles of confederation and the Constitutionwere made by the same people they have many differences when one really looks into it. The constitution was made for our freedom by imposing laws on those who wield political power. If we did not have this law our country would be under the constant threat of tyranny. It was adopted September 17, 1787 by the constitutional convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and ratified by conventions in eleven states. The Article of Confederation was the first constitution before the…show more content…
The constitution created a more stabilzed federal government and giving rights and power to the central government. Congress had some weaknessess in the Articles of confederation that consisted of having no power to coin money, therefore each stay had to develop its own currency. Another weakness was that congress was unable to negotiate their interstate and foreign commerce. Some of the steates had refused topay for the goods that they had purchased from abroad. More weaknessed were that congress was unable to impose taxes. It could only borrow money on credited none of the national court systems that were estblished would protedt the rights of the U.S. citizens. Some of the strengths and accomplishments the article shared consisted of the government signing a treaty of alliance with the French in 1778. They granted free inhabints of each state and all the privleges and immunities of free citizens in sveveral states. The Great Compromise was also known as the Conneticuit compromise. This was one of the most important compromises that had been reached during the drafting of the United States constitution in 1787.During this time the delegates were trying to figure out how each state would be represented in congress. Delegates wanted their
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