Federalists vs Antifederalists

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Federalists and Anti-Federalists In the early 19th century, two men fought for what they believed was right and their thoughts on how to govern the nation and its people. Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson had many confrontations and disputes about whether their political view of government was best fitting to the society. Hamilton was the secretary of treasury, a founding father, one of the significant figures in finding the constitution, and founded the very first political party. Jefferson was the author of the Declaration of Independence, the third president of the Unites States, the secretary of state, a founding father, and alongside Hamilton founded the first political party. These two founding fathers would construct one of the famous documents in the history of the world and represent a rivalry that will further enable parties to fight for what they believe is constitutional. The Constitution was a collection of compromises fused into one document to secure the liberties and freedom of the people by limiting the powers of the government. It was conducted by 55 men, most of which were moderate nationalists and became the framers of the Constitution, during the summer of 1787 in a meeting known as the Constitutional Convention. The intent of this convention was to add amendments to the Articles of Confederation, but in the end, replacing it altogether and thus the Constitution was made. This would then go to the 13 states for further approval and people would decide to make this document the new law of the land. Among these individuals that attended the convention was James Madison who was the keystone of the convention and later became the father of the Constitution. “He came with a design for the new government already worked out. Known as the Virginia Plan, it became the outline for the Constitution.” (Oakes, 208) The Constitution itself provided
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