How do American split up political power?

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The Articles of Confederation played an important part in the American Revolutionary War. The purpose of the Article was to provide a general government for the 13 colonies that had won their freedom from British rule. However, the Confederation government was weak and the Article was a failure because the states tended to ignore and paid little attention to acts passed by Congress. In the late 1780s, more and more American leaders concluded that the Articles of Confederation needed improvements. Discussion at the Annapolis Convention of 1786 led to a convention in Philadelphia in 1787. It replaced the Articles of Confederation with the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution of the United States is a document that outlines the basic of the federal government. It was written in 1787 at the Constitutional Convention. The 55 men at the convention are called the “Founding Fathers” of America or “Framers of the Constitution.” Some of the famous framers are George Washington, James Madison, and Benjamin Franklin. The framers worked to frame a constitution that would provide for a strong central government while protecting states’ right/To prevent the federal government from abusing its powers, the framers of the Constitution separated the government into three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial. This separation of powers prevents any one branch from becoming too powerful. Through a system of separation of power and the system of “checks and balances,” each of these branches has some authority to act on its own and some authority to regulate the other two branches. The United States Congress is the bicameral legislature of the federal government of the United States, consisting of two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The House of Representatives consists of 435 voting members. There are a total of 100 senators in the House of
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