Story Analysis: Everyday Use By Alice Walker

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Jeremy Tew Comp II Walther Everyday Use Alice Walker 1. Who are the main characters/ the protagonist and antagonist? Describe who they are. The main characters are Mama, Maggie and Dee. Mama and Maggie are the protagonists and Dee is the antagonist. Mama is a simple hard working southern woman. Maggie is a quiet scarred and has low self esteem. Dee is a very proud outspoken educated woman who treats her mama and sister like they are beneath her. 2. What is the setting of the story? How is the setting important to the development of the story? The setting is mid century Georgia in a small simple home in the country. It is very important to the story because it tells us these women are more than likely uneducated and poor. 3. What kinds of…show more content…
What words did you look up? What are the definitions and how are they significant to understanding the story? Organdy- fine transparent cotton with a stiff finish 6. Is it necessary to place the story in historical context? Why? How is it significant? It is important to place the story in historical context because it helps us understand the name changing in the story. It is early in the civil rights movement when many African Americans abandoned the names given to their ancestors by the slave owners and adopted African or Muslim names. 7. What does the story reveal about the human condition/human nature/our humanity? The story reminds me how siblings can be so different while growing up under the same roof. Brother and sister or sister and sister can be at two different ends of the social scale even though they both grew up the same way. 8. Why is the story still relevant today? The story is still relevant today because mothers still have daughters who are different in every way possible but love them both the same. Even today families still have some members who think they are better than the rest of the family and distance themselves from

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