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Society’s view on certain groups of people has changed with time, but the way people perceive and stereotype others shows conformity to what others feel is correct or acceptable, although those perceptions may or may not be true. Stereotypes are these images or generalizations that have been given to groups of people to portray the way society views their actions, standard of living, or even the type person they are. These views of certain groups are merely just opinions or generalizations and do not represent all the people justly and can cause misconceptions of a person’s ability, personality, or just as a person as a whole. Of those misconceptions on certain stereotypes, the Hispanics have been portrayed as this figure in society that is seen as a lazy group not willing to work. Through research and what is seen in today’s world we see this stereotype being thrown around attempting to classify Hispanics, where in reality we see a growing number of Hispanics in the workforce. Although this stereotype can be true for some, for the majority we see the Hispanic work force expanding because mainly we see them taking on jobs that others may not want to such as hard labor jobs.…show more content…
These opinions forced upon generation after generation causes these misconceptions of how certain groups actually interact, thus beginning a cycle of conformity through people’s opinions. Although these views can appear to be slightly true at times, it can be an in just approach to characterize people based on what society believes is normal for that race, sex, or any other type of group. Stereotypes may change with time and society, but the conformist idea behind the ways people characterize others continue in a direction towards a misreading of social, gender, or any other types of

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