Social Biases Paper

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Social Biases Paper Social bias is the conscious or unconscious expression of prejudicial attitudes toward particular groups, races, religions, or sexes. Individuals tend to use social biases as shortcuts to make sense of the world. In this paper the subject to analyze is the concept of social bias including the definition of prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination. This paper will provide an explanation of the differences between subtle and blatant biases and a description of the impact of bias on the lives of individuals. Finally, the paper will evaluate two strategies to overcome social biases. Social biases are harmful and can cripple interactions between individuals. Prejudice is a negative attitude focused on a particular group based solely on generalizations that derive from erroneous or sketchy information. (Hackman&Katz, 2010). Prejudice is adverse opinions derived from a stereotype against an individual or specific group. Prejudice, simply stated, means to prejudge an individual or group. Stereotyping is assigning similar characteristics to an individual in a specific group despite variations among the group’s members. Stereotyping can occur for numerous reasons. Usually, an individual will stereotype another person or group simply because there has been no firsthand knowledge. Stereotypes also derive from fear of minority group members such as the mentally ill. Many individuals view mentally ill people as violent people. In reality, the perception of the mentally ill as dangerous is a myth. No evidence indicates that persons with mental illness are any more violent than anyone else. Unfortunately, the generalization of a number of isolated behaviors by one individual is an unfair characteristic of an entire group. Discrimination occurs when an individual treats another individual or group differently based on his or her
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