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Brittany Wellington Yvette Hatrak English 1A 30 September 2009 Essay Rough Draft Summer Camp Stereotyping is a standardized conception of individuals that has been around for many years. Everyone has their own conception about people due to societies’ constant portrayal or image of how an individual or group of people should be classified. Many people may not look at a person and automatically stereotype purposely; it may be by accident. I know stereotyping happens today in society, yet, I was surprised when it happened to me. This occurred the day I went to summer camp in Tennessee; the day I realized how stereotyping is relevant in today’s society. It was summertime, and every year I go with my church youth group to summer…show more content…
I could tell there was going to be a separation between the girls. I wanted to stay around my friends and they wanted to stay with theirs; but part of the camp experience was getting to know new people, so the counselors made us combine the rooms with girls from the other states. I knew I was going to have a hard time getting along with these girls especially after the remarks I heard. I stayed positive as long as I could, I wanted to have a good time at camp and enjoy my friends and the whole camp experience. A few days later, as I was getting ready and doing my hair, one of the girls from Mississippi came up to me and said, “Are all you girls from California so prissy and high maintenance? I felt attacked, how could she say something like that? She didn’t even get a chance to get to know me. She didn’t know that I loved sports, or how I enjoyed playing paintball and going swimming and hiking. All she saw was my outer appearance and categorized me to a group of people she thought she…show more content…
Everyone has their own image of how individuals or groups of people should be portrayed. Also many people don’t realize that they are stereotyping, it may just be a habit. People are also raised to look at an individual and classify them into a certain group. Stereotyping cannot be avoided, it is an image that society has constituted to classify individuals to groups of people. Looking back, I realize that we have been raised in a society that substitutes a person’s lifestyle and personal choices to a stereotype. Since we cannot readily change how society thinks, individually we should think of other people’s feelings before we say something to them. We should not let how other people view us keep us from living our everyday

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