Stereotypes Exist Because They Are Grounded in Truth

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Prompt 1: “stereotypes exist because they are grounded in truth” With their limited knowledge, humans tend to make generalizations based on assumptions and simplified images, ignoring the complex and vital definition of a human being. Stereotyping is a reductionist approach which ignores diversity within different groups causing a behavior to be oversimplified. Instead of taking account of the holistic picture it focuses on what is making sense according to the society’s predefined norms than what is actually true. Stereotypes may refer to a specific sex, religion, race or country. Judging people without knowing them will lead us to make false assumptions, which is a dehumanizing act. They can be positive or negative, misleading in both cases. Although stereotypes facilitate us in responding quickly to situations by enhancing our understanding, they are nevertheless grounded in false assumptions and distorted information, influenced by prejudices, and disregard individual differences. Advocates of stereotyping argue that prior stereotypical knowledge aids them in understanding and interacting effectively, boosting their confidence level. For them, having a general idea is better than having no idea at all. For example, to refer correctly a ‘dumb blonde’ takes more effort to understand because it has to do more than to hair color and intelligence. It refers to her sex, status in the society, her relationship with men, her ability to think rationally and so on thus, it implies the knowledge of complex social structure (1979:139) The main concern with this belief is that categorizing all people to one group will make it simple to apprehend their behaviors and interact with them but it will simultaneously fail to take into account the uniqueness of every person that the group comprises of narrowing our thinking power. Hence, with this partial knowledge the truth about

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