Certainy vs Doubt

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The two virtues, certainty and doubt are very controversial. The doubt somebody has can cloud their judement but it can also guide them in making a better decision. On the other hand, certainty can blind someone from seeing their true colors of something. In our modern society, doubt is looked down upon; or viewed as a negative idea. Doubt doesnt always contradict certainty, but instead somewhere in between. We have been and always will be afraid of certainty. Generations upon generations have taught is to doubt our decisions and actions and to not trust our minds or heart. People fight for and strive for acceptance and certainty only for doubt to come in and create a feeling of rejection and loneliness. Constant change is certain. We dont need justification if and when someone knows that they are certain. Doubt is the lack of conviction. Take the conviction, read it like a book, make a conclusion on it and lead by the action that it makes. Whether the actions are good or bad, follow it and learn from it. After all, no one is perfect and everyone learns from their mistakes. Life is a meaningless state where we stay in doubt and dont listen to our certainty. We continue to let someone influence our way of thinking and well being, instead of doing our own activities from within ourselves. Everything we have done has not been proven to be right or wrong, but it does not mean that it cannot be proven. Without doubt, there is no such thing as
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