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Mission/Vision Statement Innovative Widgets takes pride in its customer relationships and strives to communicate clearly and to resolve all customer complaints within 24 hours of receipt Innovative Widgets recognises that our customers are the number one priority. We commit ourselves to providing seamless communication across all departments and each representative vows to see customer problems through to resolution. Policy and Procedure for Gathering customer information, conducting Market research and managing record and data Purpose The purpose of this policy is to gather customer information and conducting market research to identify customer needs and how the company will manage and record customer data Scope The scope of this…show more content…
A Customer Complaint Form must be completed by each employee and submitted to direct line manager on resolution of complaint, all complaints need to be actioned and resulted within 48 hours of receipt. See appendix 1 2. Greet customer courteously and give them your name. 3. Never argue with the customer. 4. Apologise for and product fault or poor service. Be sympathetic. Ask if the customer will allow us to send the faulty item to our quality department for testing 5. When you have all the details about the complaint, ask the customer how they would like it to be resolved. To Manage Refund or Replacements: 1. No product replacements are within all staff members authority 2. All staff members can use their professional judgement and refund and additional 10% of the value of the faulty product up to a maximum value of $25. 3. Customer must have all relevant information relating to purchase including invoice number. 4. A replacement of the faulty goods will be provided within 4 business…show more content…
We would appreciate if you would take a few moments to complete and return this survey to Your satisfaction is our primary goal and we need your help in order to maintain it. Thank you. ABOUT THE COMPANY Considering what you know about Innovative Widgets please answer the following questions or cicle the correct answer. 1. How long have you been a customer of Innovative Widgets: 0-6 Months 6-12 Months 12-24 Months 24+ Months 2. What do you most value about Innovative Widgets? 3. Why do you choose Innovative Widgets over other companies who deliver similar

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