Ch 2 Carter Cases

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Chapter 2 Carter Cleaning Company: 2-29. Is it true, as Jack Carter claims, that “Virtually all our workers are women or minority members anyways, so no one can come in here and accuse us of being discriminatory”? Discrimination comes in all kinds of shape, form, and colors. Jack Carter in his current mindset does not realizes the legalities he is up against. The false perception Jack Carter abstains that his company is not in any immediate danger of discrimination lawsuits, tells me that he never received any legal representation or solicited advice from a reputable Human Resource company. So the answer is, yes, he can be accused of being discriminatory. 2-30. How should Jennifer and her company address the sexual harassment charges and problems? Jennifer will have to conduct an investigation. She will not only question the accuser but also the accused and any staff members past or present who had any contact with the manager. 2-31. How should she and her company address the possible problems of age discrimination? Jennifer will need to review all employee salaries who performs the same task as the man in question. Once she reviews and sees validity in his accusations, she will than need to make the necessary salary adjustment. 2-32. Given the fact that each of its stores has only a handful of employees, is her company covered by equal rights legislation? Yes, they are covered. Mr. Carter has seven employees per store with a total of six stores. According to the guidelines a small business must have fifteen employees to be considered as cover. 2-33. And finally, aside from the specific problems, what other personnel management matters (application forms, training, and so on) have to be reviewed given the need to bring them into compliance with equal rights laws? It seems as if the employees, manly the managers, lack respect for its staff and

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