Perspective on Customer Service

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Perspective on Customer Service In this paper I will discuss my perspective on customer service. I will answer the questions why is it important, and one positive/negative customer service experience that I have had personally or observed. I will Recommend and describe one thing businesses could do to improve customer service. First it is important to understand what customer service is and why it is important. Customer service is something we do for customers that improves the customer’s experience and that happens before, during and after a purchase of services or products. According to Harris (2010) customer service is essential to any business because it will guarantee that the customer will give you good feedback and with that you will have a great reputation. Great repetition of the business will make for more business by new customers, and will keep your older customers returning. Another reason it is important is because customers are key to your company’s success. A positive customer service experience I have had personally was when I called my credit card company to dispute chargers. I received a bill in the mail right after Christmas last year and most of the charges were on black Friday. Needless to say there was around three hundred dollars’ worth of charges and I had no clue what they were. When I called customer service they walked me through all the proper steps that needed to be taken to dispute them. They continued to apologize to me for this happening and said it would be taken care of and the charges would be taken off. I did however have a lot of paper work that had to be filled out because it’s considered fraud. They advised me to sign the back of my credit card when my new one came or ask for ID. I however told them that all my cards state ask for ID. Not all places pay attention to that. The person who I spoke with was so
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