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Chapter 1 The importance of MIS Case study: The Amazon of Innovation Answers: 1-Collaboration is the activity of two or more people working together to achieve a common goal, result, or work product. People who collaborate develop ideas and plans with others. A critical aspect of effective collaboration is the ability to provide and receive critical feedback. Amazon collaborate maintaining track record of successful and continue innovation, every year they add a product lene to their services tht way the employees can acconplish more than they could in their own, and in an atmosphere that encourages thoughtful and fearless critiques, the employees’ ideas can be refined and honed into “winning” ideas. Amazon’s successful innovations demonstrate that this is occurring. 2-The textbook defines experimentation as making a reasoned analysis of an opportunity, envisioning potential solutions, evaluating those possibilities, and developing the most promising ones, consistent with the resources you have. Amazon clearly has developed an organizational culture that promotes and encourages experimentation. The pattern of innovation suggests that the company supports its employees as they develop new potential opportunities. 3-Systems thinking is the ability to model the components of the system, to connect the inputs and outputs among those components into a sensible whole that reflects the structure and dynamics of the phenomenon observed. Abstract reasoning is the ability to make and manipulate models. These cognitive skills are essential for Amazon employees, who are constantly pushed to innovate and take the company in new, pioneering directions. A person who cannot perform systems thinking and abstract reasoning would be very uncomfortable in an environment like Amazon and likely would not last too long before being shown the door (if he/she ever got in the door

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