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Starbucks Annual Report Analysis Rickey Paradise, Billy Taylor, Christina Mccammon, Christopher Marquez FIN370 April 10, 2013 Dr. Harri Eloranta University of Phoenix Starbucks Strategic Planning Initiative Starbucks mission and vision for the future encompasses strategic planning. This includes creating a strategy to achieve the goals set by Starbucks. This short study examines Starbucks strategic planning initiative that identifies an initiative discussed in Starbucks annual report. The information includes how the initiative affects the organization’s financial planning, costs, sales, and finally the risks associated with the initiative and financial effects that may result. Strategic Initiative Several strategic planning initiatives for the Starbucks Corporation, as identified in their fiscal 2012 annual report include: * To expand the core business of coffee roasting and distribution channels * Create authentic connections with their customers via the Starbucks experience * Expand market share capture in the high end tea market category (Teavana) * Support and encourage innovation within Starbucks business sectors The Starbucks Corporation continues to drive toward a balanced approach of increasing shareholder wealth. The cooperation recognizes and supports a socially responsible position with true global issues and concerns. Starbucks understands this delicate balance and does not compromise its reputation for the mere sake of increased profitability. One example of their strategic plan is identified with their recent success of enhancing their distribution channels. According to the "U.S. Securities And Exchange Commission" (2012) fiscal annual report; Starbucks consolidated global revenues reached a record $13.3 billion, a 14% increase, with revenue growth driven by a 7% rise in global comparable store sales and a 50% rise in

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