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The Coffee Shop Project Name MGMT404 Project Management School Date Table of Contents I. Project Summary II. Scope Statement III. Work Breakdown Structure IV. Network Diagram V. Risk Management Plan VI. Resource Management Plan VII. Communication Management Plan VIII. Lessons Learned I. Project Summary Our current project is to open a new coffee shop within the Greater Sacramento area. I will execute this project by creating an accurate project scope, equally dedicated my time working on team dynamics and technical aspect of the project, and executing the project from beginning to end, ensuring the project meets our client’s needs. Additionally, Due to the complexity and expense of a matrix organizational format, and the costs of using project teams, a functional structure will be best option to execute this project. This week’s summary will include the scope statement, WBS, network diagram, risk management plan, resource management plan, and communication plan II. Scope Statement My proposed budget is reasonable and appropriate for opening a Coffee Shop. After completing an extensive bottom-up estimate for this project, I am able to ensure that our budget is appropriate. I heavily evaluated the resources, time, tasks and cost needed to create a budget of 200,000 dollars, while looking at current prices for all necessary resources. PROJECT OBJECTIVE Open a first-rate coffee shop within six months at cost not to exceed $200,000. DELIVERABLES • A 1,200 square foot finished coffee shop with a unisex bathroom, indoor seating for 12, and patio seating for 8 in a highly desirable location. • Two cash registers, safe deposit box, and POS system by Micros for point of sale and accounting. * Store named mounted on building and on shopping center sign, viewable by ongoing traffic. * Food and drink

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