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Standards Based Teaching Kendra E. Corley Gainesville State College Essential Information Tomlinson, C. (2000). Reconcilable Differences? Standards-Based Teaching and Differentiation. Educational Leadership, 58(1), 6-11 Content Summary This article discusses how a teacher can successfully meet their standards in a standards based teaching curriculum as long as the teacher can grasp that each child learns differently. Tomlinson says, “In fact, standards-based instruction and the high-stakes testing that drives it can often feel like a locomotive rolling over everything in its path, including individualized learning” (6, Tomlinson). Tomlinson expresses that if a teacher only focuses on his or her students passing tests, they are likely to fail. She goes on to explain that combining differentiation instruction and standards based instruction together, the teacher will be able to meet all standards and have the students pass their tests. Tomlinson gives the reader three different examples of negative cases where standards-based instruction have been used. In the first example, elementary teachers went to a staff-development session and were asked to list some concepts that they had been going over in their class. Only a few teachers were able to say that they spent a few days on concepts but that most of their time was spent going over skills that were going to be on the standards test. Her second example was about a successful elementary school that started to decline once standards based instruction was implemented. The third example was in a middle school where the teacher made a list of “Definitely, Maybe, and No Hope” students and focused all her time on teaching the maybe students. Tomlinson then says that problem isn’t the standards, it’s the way the teachers interpreted and taught them. The author goes on to give the reader some

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