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. Section 1. Based on the example of challenging behaviour(s) that you described and explored in assignment 1, describe your own responses and the responses of the others involved: a. To the challenging behaviour, and b. To the person with the challenging behaviour A. On the first day of my first placement, I was informed that there would be a child with ADHD in the class that I was about to teach. My first thought when I was told this was, “how am I going to keep them under control and that ADHD children are dangerous, demanding and a lot of hard work”. With this in mind, I approached my supervising teacher and asked her what she thought about teaching a child with ADHD for the first time. Like me her response was, “how am…show more content…
Personalised IEP & Simple Instructions 3. The Use of Fidget Toys in the Classroom 4. What Physical Activity Can Do For You 1. School-to-Home Communication Information from the school setting is essential for the assessment and treatment of what is essentially a school-based disorder. Walraich, Bickman, Lambert, Simmons and Doffing (2005) found that “When direct information from the teacher is available, there are often discrepancies in the parent and teacher report’s of behaviour because they observe the child in very different settings”. Researchers have stated that “Information provided by the teacher is crucial to evaluate pharmalogic interventions because the teacher’s observe children when the medications are at the peak levels which parents rarely see; therefore teachers are in the best position to report on the efficacy” (Walraich et al. 2005). Communication between the child’s parents and their teacher on a regular basis (daily if necessary) operates as a means of transport by which the child’s school behaviour is assessed and this behaviour should then be reinforced within the home so that the expectations of the child are consistent. Barkley (1981) believes that “A device for utilising homebased reinforcement is a daily report

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