Stages Of John Steinbeck's 'Of Mice And Men'

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Of mice and Men stages 1. George and Lennie are chased out of Weed because Lennie touched a girl’s dress 2. George and Lemmoe rest on the way to the ranch in Soledad. George tells Lennie off for petting a dead mouse. We find out that George and Lennie have a dream of finding a new place. 3. George and Lennie arrive at the ranch. They meet Candy, the Boss, Curley and slim. Curley tries to pick a fight with Lennie because he doesn’t like big guys. They see Curley’s wife. George tells Lennie to keep away from her because she looks like trouble. He tells Lennie to go back and hide in the brush if he does anything wrong. 4. They meet Slim. Slim gives Lennie one of his pups. Carlson persuades Candy to let him shoot Candy’s…show more content…
While George is in town with the other Ranch worker, Lennie goes into Crooks’ (that stable buck) room. Crooks senses that he has power over Lennie and tries to persuade him that George isn’t coming back. When it looks like Lennie is getting very angry he backs off. 8. Candy comes in and Crooks finds out about the dream. He offers to work on the ranch. Curley’s wife comes in and teases the men, threatening crooks. George returns, and Crooks tells Candy that he doesn’t want to work on the farm after all. 9. While the others play horse-shoes, Lennie is in the barn with his dead pup-who he accidentally killed (like the rat). Curley’s wife comes in and sees it. She talks to Lennie about her ambition to work in the pictures, and about how lonely she is. 10. She lets Lennie stroke her hair. When he won’t stop, she panics, and starts screaming. Lennie realises he will get into trouble and shakes he, breaking her neck. He runs off 11. Candy discovers Curley’s wife’s body and calls for George. They realise they won’t be able to buy their ranch now. Candy tells the others while George goes back to the bunkhouse, 12. Curley realises it was Lennie who killed his wife and organises a lynchmob to kill him. George and slim talk about what George could do- They realise they cant send Lennie to
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