The Fall of a City Theme

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Develop and discuss a theme for “The Fall of a City.” Does this story have a happy ending or a sad ending? The theme in the short story “The Fall of a City,” is a little bit stereotypical. It has that idea of girls being girly with their dolls and guys being manly in the outdoors. Terry’s aunt and uncle make fun of him because he plays with paper dolls. The story has a meaning that those who mean well for someone might not always be nice. To begin with, the story has a stereotypical feeling to it. The story begins when Terry is in the attic playing with his dolls. He seems to have a very creative imagination seeing how much fun he is having alone with his paper dolls. His aunt calls him down to dinner in a loud abrupt voice. Terry quickly ran downstairs and got ready for supper. While he was eating, his food did not taste different. His pork chop tasted no different from his whipped cream and jello. He was too busy thinking about how to siege the fort by the river. His wild imagination was leading his away from reality. He even spilled cream all over himself without even realizing it. Terry’s uncle says “He’s hot his head in the clouds again.” So as readers, we can assume that Terry is constantly thinking about his doll house and off in his own little world of paper dolls. As Terry continues with his supper, he is asked by his uncle what he’s been up to. They argue back and forth about his uncle going up to the attic to check out what he’s been doing up there. His uncle says he better not have been playing with matches up there. After supper, Terry’s uncle goes up to the attic and he is laughing in amusement as he came down the stairs. He says to his wife “You’d never guess what that kid has been doing up there!” After Terry’s uncle and aunt find what he has been doing, they both laughed at the fact that a boy was playing with paper dolls. However, Terry
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