To Kill A Mockingbird Scout's Journey

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In To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee tells the story, mainly through Scout’s eyes, of the events that led up to Jem breaking his arm when he was nearly thirteen. The reader follows Scout through the novel and sees how she matures and develops, and also how Jem matures and develops, often shown by Scout being puzzled about the way he behaves. Having given the reader a history and context for the novel, the author introduces key characters, including neighbors such as the Radleys, Mrs. Dubose, Miss Maudie and Miss Stephanie. The visiting Dill creates a dare about the Radley house, concerning Arthur Radley, who is described as a‘malevolent phantom’. By describing Scout’s first days at school, Harper Lee criticizes aspects of the education system in Alabama and to reveal the views of Atticus, the lawyer father and single parent of Jem and Scout. The early chapters concern the children’s games designed to see Boo or entice him out of his house. They fail to notice Boo’s interest in them; he rescues and attempts to mend Jem’s pants when Jem is caught in the Radley garden, and he…show more content…
Scout succumbs to Aunt Alexandra’s urgings to be less of a tomboy and wear a dress. She witnesses the hypocrisy and racism of some of the members of the ladies’ Missionary Circle. Her return to school prompts reflections on Hitler, democracy and dictatorship, and the last part of the novel concerns Bob Ewell’s attempts to wreak havoc: his attempted burglary of Judge Taylor’s house and his attack on Jem and Scout after a Halloween pageant. Jem breaks his arm but is carried home. Bob Ewell dies of a knife wound. The end of the novel sees Heck Tate protecting Boo Radley, who has rescued the children and carried Jem home, and Atticus slowly grasping that Boo, not Jem, killed Bob Ewell. Scout finally sees Boo; in an emotional last chapter she takes him to see Jem, escorts him to his home and sees the events of the novel flash before

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