Spying: Americans vs Foreigners

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Question: Do you think the spying procedures that the NSA performs should be different for Americans versus foreigners? In my opinion, the NSA should definitely perform different procedures when profiling Americans and foreigners. Spying efforts should be focused more on those from other countries, not the United States citizens. Although Americans may be just as capable of performing terrorist acts, it is difficult to work around the Constitution, and the United States’ biggest threats and attacks have been from other countries anyway. First of all, if the NSA were to pursue major invasions of privacy to American’s, they would be obstructing rights set forth by the Constitution. The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution prohibits non-reasonable search and seizure. If there is no probable cause for the government to search for evidence on an individual, then their legal rights should not be violated. I personally have nothing to hide, but being spied on would make me questions the true ethics of this country. On the other hand, I think that our government has the right to do everything in it’s power to ensure our safety, including spying on those in countries who have threatened our own. If the NSA could have taken a closer look or had more information about Hazmi and Midhar’s plan to travel to the United States, their trip would have never been successful. The NSA needs to focus their attention more to the other countries instead of basically wasting all of their time with U.S. citizens, and maybe slips like letting terrorist into our homeland wouldn’t happen. They are getting their systems blown up with information that is useless to them from Americans. If they didn’t have to spend the time to sort through all of America’s “evidence,” then they would probably be able to seek out and confirm the terroristic threats and evidence coming from outside of the

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