Edward Snowden Case 3 Idiots Summary

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A Case Study of: Edward Snowden's NSA information Leaks Aaron R. Smith University of Maryland University College HMLS 302 4/27/2014 Introduction National security is one of the most fundamental aspects in any state. Many states in the world have heavily invested in their national security for various reasons. America is no exemption. The government has developed various security strategies in recent times. Any threat to national security in America is taken very seriously. Apart from protecting the wealth and assets in America, the residents require and now expect nothing less than security to the highest degree. National security therefore can be said to have direct effects on every member of any society at large. In order for a…show more content…
As explained above, the right to privacy is a universally recognized right. NSA surveillance, collection of personal details may be going against the conventional grain of fundamental human rights and freedoms. The recent court rulings on the issue have not quite settled on a single premise. Two rulings of two courts in America have actually arrived at two different decisions citing two distinct reasoning. In Clayman vs Obama, Judge Richard echoed that surveillance and collection of telephony data by NSA without the knowledge of the general public was against the spirit of the constitution of America. He said that the right to privacy is a right that needs to be guaranteed by the state. The right should not be taken away from the persons by the state. In another ruling ten days after the first one, J. William in ACLU vs Clapper arrived at a diametrically opposite decision with a different reasoning. The judge appreciated the right to privacy as envisioned under the constitution but argued that the value of intelligence outweighed the right. He therefore arrived at a conclusion that the exercise conducted by NSA in collecting personal and telephone data was merited for security purpose. He further stated that the data was purely collected with the intention of protecting the same people from…show more content…
The issues covered by the strategy include; fighting transnational crimes, countering terrorism, disaster countenance, US-Mexico-boarder initiative, cyberspace policy review and surface transportation security assessment among others. The strategy has maintained achievements of the set objectives and goals steadily. However, the continued achievements were radically threatened by the revelations of Snowden in 2013. On the security of the nationals of the US, the specific strategy is to collect intelligence reports by intercepting personal information to prevent any plans that are evil against the people of America. The intelligence reports are shared amongst other departments so that national security is observed with an inner eye of the government. Further, the agenda set out by the president, attempted to make sure that the privacy right of the people is observed and preserved by the intelligence department. This aspect is has now become questionable by many residents as a result of the leaks of the NSA

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