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Joaquin Monrreal Karley Goen Chewing/Smokeless Tobacco Thesis Statement: Dipping or Chewing tobacco is a serious problem that has been steadily rising throughout the years, which has serious side effects like cancer and quitting Chewing tobacco is the best thing to do. Intro: Attention getter is showing pictures of what Chewing tobacco can do to your mouth. I relate to the audience by telling them how a lot of people on our campus dip and chew tobacco. Credibility is that most if not all the people in the audience have seen with their own eyes people walking around our campus with a dip in their lip. Then I state my main points which are what Chewing tobacco is, the side effects, and how to quit. 1. What Chewing/Smokeless tobacco is? a. Chewing tobacco- loosely packed tobacco leaves that you chew between your cheek and lower lip in the back of your mouth.’ b. Snuff- tobacco shaved into fine pieces and is make either moist or dry and is put between the lower lip and gum that you suck on. 2. Side effects a. Mentioning tooth-erosion, bad breathe, and gum slump. b. Cancer 3. Ways to quit Chewing tobacco. a. Nicotine products’ b. Slowly cutting down tobacco usage c. Oral fixation Conclusion: Dipping or Chewing has serious health risks and it can lead to cancer. If one of your friends dips encourage them to stop dipping and remember what chewing tobacco can do to you and how it can affect you in the long run. Works Cited Imholte, Jane. Anti-spit tobacco crusader. 1998. url. http://tobaccocontrol.brj.com(Imholte) National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research National Institutes of Health Bethesda, MD. March 25, 2011. http://www.nidr.nih.gov National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health. 10/25/2010. www.cancer.org Notosmoke. 2008. www.notosmoke.com COMS 101-190 December 6,

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