Mental Disorders In America

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The young woman wakes up abruptly in the middle of the night. Their breath is short and ragged, their head hurts, and they feel a serpentine feeling slithering up their intestines and into their stomach, making them want to vomit. An intense panic grips them, but they do not know why. When they went to bed, things were fine, they had concerns, but they were nothing major. Nothing likely to cause this feeling that is engulfing them, this overwhelming unexplained feeling of futility. She wakes up her mom to tell her about this feeling, and ask for help, yet her mother grumbles, rolls over saying “It is all in your head” and goes back to sleep, not giving it a second thought. The young man is happy. His day is going exceedingly well. Everything…show more content…
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Doctor Steven Hyman recognized 21 million Americans including children suffer from some form of depression; also several millions of Americans were diagnosis with schizophrenia and other disorders. The World Bank and the World Health Organization have established that depression is the primary cause of disability worldwide. As medicine advances, better detection, diagnosis, and treatment will be provided for people who are suffering from mental illnesses such as the ones discussed here. Works Cited Depression, All About. “Major Depressive Disorder.” 6 Mar (2007) Web. 03 June 2010 Duman, R. S., G. R. Heninger, and E. J. Nestler. "A Molecular and Cellular Theory of Depression." (1997): n. pag Web. 02 June 2010. Jonk, Ron-. "Anxiety Disorders - Causes." University of Maryland Medical Center. 5 Feb. (2008): n. pag Web. 03 June 2010. Long, Philip W. "Major Depressive Disorder." Internet Mental Health. n.d. n. pag Web. 02 June 2010. Net, Medicine. "Anxiety Symptoms, Causes, Types, Signs and Treatment on" Medicine Net. n.d. n. pag Web. 03 June 2010. Staff, Mayo Clinic. "Bipolar Disorder -" Mayo Clinic Medical Information and Tools for Healthy Living - (5 Jan. 2010): n pag Web. 02 June

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