Obesity Is Not A Disease Research Paper

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Running head: OBESITY IS NOT A DISEASE Obesity Is Not a Disease Diana Onyango DeVry University Professor Melissa Tennyson ENGL135 Advanced Composition November11, 2011 Last month my best friend achieved a personal milestone. She lost 15 pounds in two months. How? She told me her secret. An ancient secret that is now lost to mankind. She started eating healthy, less portions and exercising more. While my friend was getting thinner, an annual report put out by two public health groups shows that America is getting fatter. During the past 20 years, there has been a dramatic increase in obesity in the United States and rates remain high. According to a research done by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey,…show more content…
She is determined not to be in the statics of Americans who are obese. By calling obesity a 'disease' many obese persons will feel even less empowered to do something about their obesity. After all they are very 'ill'. Many variables play a role in becoming morbidly overweight; emotional and psychological issues, coping mechanisms, perhaps the rare food addiction gene, or cultural status. Obesity may cause disease and eventual death, but it is not a disease because it does not necessarily impair the normal functioning of a body as other diseases do and it is a matter of personal responsibility and can be avoided through diet and…show more content…
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