Childhood Obesity Policy Research Paper

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Childhood Obesity Policy Obesity is one of the leading health problems of the 21st century. According to Ferry, 31.7% of children between the ages of 2-19 and 34.2% of adolescents are obese (Ferry1406). About 1/3 of all children in America are obese, that is an alarming number and it must be lowered. Childhood obesity that develops into adulthood is only second, in deaths that could have been prevented, to tobacco (Ferry 1406). We can now see obesity is the second killer behind tobacco that could have been prevented with the proper lifestyle changes. Kiess states that obesity risks are even higher when the child has an obese parent (Kiess 220). Obesity is caused by unhealthy lifestyles, and lifestyles are passed on from parents to their kids.…show more content…
Some of these schools do not have the needed funds to implement these polices, but people within the community do. The children in our schools right now are our future leaders and we need to ensure they live a long healthy life. They are the ones who will be running this country in a few years; health problems due to obesity will impair their abilities to perform at their best and will shorten their lives. We need to care for our young to ensure the nations future. We need to show them that they matter to us by implementing health polices and by helping fund school…show more content…
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