The Cause Of Obesity In America

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Is Obesity in America caused by the Environment We Live In or what we choose to eat ? Joseph B. Ratliff DeVry University We can, as a society, be astoundingly cruel to people who are obese. They might be creative, caring and hopeful people, but we don't see that. Far too often, we see only their weight. What does it say about us that we act as though you can take the measure of a person by the size bathing suit they wear? What does it mean to be actually over weight or considered obese and what really causes obesity in America? Is it where we live? Or is it the government’s way of controlling our lives down to what we put on our plates? No matter what the cause of obesity the real question is how do we stop it? Most Americans use the term obese when they see someone in whom they consider to be not of normal size but, in order to be considered obese the most universally measure is through an individual’s body mass index, or BMI. The BMI is designed to calculate based on a person’s height and weight. Years of research has shown that BMIK provides a great estimate of what is considered fat. It is a valuable tool for Doctors screening people who may be at risk of heart attack and other life threating diseases because of carrying around too much weight for their height. (Gale…show more content…
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