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Shelly Ju-Hsing Lu Professor Littwin English 2-26 Feb 17th 2014 Obesity: An Annotated Bibliography Obesity has been a global problem in the last decades. Especially in America, the obesity problem became a major healthy concern. Not only adults but also children, obesity became a fast-growing epidemic in the world. In this paper, I will develop the causes, prevalent, prevention and more valuable information of obesity. Bellisari , Anna . The Obesity Epidemic in North America: Connecting Biology and Culture. IL: Waveland Press Inc., 2013. Print. Obesity prevalence in the U.S. is the highest among developed countries,…show more content…
It’s not a research paper, but those examples gave in the article based on academic resource. Obesity really became a big problem in modern times. The list of reasons are good organized and easy to understand. Nordqvist , C.. "All about obesity." Medical news today. MediLexicon International, 3 6 2011. Web. 17 Feb 2014. <http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/info/obesity/>. Medical News Today (MNT) is a leading health care Internet publishing company. This online journal provided the basic idea of obesity. For instance, how to use statistic measurement way (BMI) to estimate are you in the obesity group. It lists some reasons that might occur obesity. Not only the reasons but MNT also gave plenty solution and their analyzation of obesity. In the end, the journal listed some risks associated with obesity. This resource gave me some basic idea of obesity, which is a helpful resource. It looked simple on the site but most of the summary came from academic research, which is reliable. However, this resource is still too simple. It just gave me some elementary background in the science scope about…show more content…
Without the clear charts and bunch of statistics, this article just summarizes some academic report about one idea. ------------------------------------------------- Rober H. Lusting. “Sugar: the bitter truth.” University of California Television. 30 July 2009. Video. ------------------------------------------------- This video is very popular on the YouTube, this nice and informative talk gave us the idea that sugar could be an horrible enemy of your body. This long talk is so meaningful to me but there are so many different comments and viewpoints left on the below. I think this material is relevant to the topic and it’s interesting to see. Sugar is definitely a big problem about obesity. Shah, Anup. “Obesity.” Global Issues. 21 Nov. 2010. Web. 23 Feb. 2014. <http://www.globalissues.org/article/558/obesity>. ------------------------------------------------- This website covered the global obesity by summarize various data. It included lots fact and viewpoints relevant with global obesity. Not only some causes and impacts of obesity, it covers wider than science region but society. Such as Obesity Affects Poor As Well As Rich, Various Causes Of Obesity, Healthy Versus Unhealthy Food

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