Is Childhood Obesity Child Abuse? Annotated Bibliography

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Todd Adams T. Cornwell English 102 27 June 2012 Is Childhood Obesity Child Abuse? Annotated Bibliography C., Musgrove. "Childhood obesity: the problem? The solution?" Nutrition Bulletin. 32.4 (2007): 406-411.Ebsco Host at Academic Search Premier. 22 Jun. 2012. . This report talked about the “Royal Society of Medicine” holding one-day conference covering childhood obesity. The thesis stamen of this report was the important work and initiatives that are currently taking place to try and reduce and reverse current obesity trends. Dr. Adshead gave the first presentation and was titled “childhood obesity delivering the strategy.” He talked about if you want to decrease the number of obese children under the age of 11 that we are going to have to do it as a whole within the population. He also talked about obese children are more often found in urban areas. The second presentation was given by Dr. Rachel Crowther; she talked about what the National Childhood Obesity Database is doing to prevent childhood obesity. She spoke about the different ways to determine if your child is becoming obese. The third presentation was given by Dr. Bridges; he said that doctors need to be realistic with the goals that they set with their outpatients. He said if the goals aren’t realistic then the outpatient might become discouraged and might lose weight at that time but gain it right back in the long run. This article help me in all kinds of ways, I figured out that childhood obesity is a large issue in this day and age. I can use several different parts of this report because there are a lot of reliable sources. This report has also given me an incredible understanding on how hard this problem is going to be to fix. Mcbride, Dulcie. "Childhood Obesity." 39.11 (2010): 40-45. Ebsco Host at Academic Search Premier, 22 June 2012. This Article discusses that being

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