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Most of us have passed by a puppy store and gazed into the eyes of the puppy sitting there on display and thought how cute and precious it was. After spending some time with that lovable puppy you ask the price and you are appalled by what the store employee quotes you. The price is so outrageous you you are shocked back into reality. The reality is, do you even know where these puppies are from? Well, when I was thirteen years old I was stunned when I saw truck full of puppies pull up right behind my dance studio. The puppies were being delivered to the puppy store next door. I didn't understand why all the store employees were yelling move the truck come back tonight. So I told my I mom, about what I saw and together we decided to do some…show more content…
The formal definition of a puppy mill is a large scale breeding operation that produces a large amount of puppies for profit. What this definition is missing is that puppy mills are inhumane in their treatment of breeding dogs and puppies. Many are filthy, they are run by people who have no idea about or concern for the genetic implications of breeding or about what dogs require in terms of basic health care and socialization. Many are simply hellholes in which the breeding dogs are kept in the most deplorable conditions. Dogs confined in small wire cages for their entire lives, fed inadequately, kept in unheated buildings, and denied basic veterinary care. The breeding dogs are sick, wounded, and malnourished, and their lives are miserable. When their breeding usefulness is over, they may be killed or dumped. Large-scale mills do not take their older dogs to shelters, because they don’t want to draw attention to themselves. According to The Humane Society of the United States, there may be as many as 10,000 puppy mills operating across the United States. Let me share with you some stories from dogs raised in puppy mills. This is Hope, she is a 6-year-old Maltese from a puppy mill. She weighed 2 pounds. She was extremely malnourished. Her teeth were rotten. Infection had spread throughout her body and long hair had fallen out, now it was time for her to be killed. Happily, Hope was saved. This is a puppy mill in Nebraska. This is a puppy from a puppy mill in Nebraska. Her jaw was broken when they shoved a metal rod down her throat to rupture her vocal cords so she could not

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