Specific Heat Essay

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Specific Heat and Phase Changes Introduction: In these labs, we are learning mainly about the transfer of energy. In the Specific Heat lab, we learn about a metal and water’s ability to conduct and transfer heat/energy. What we did is drop the metal in water that is room temperature until the water+metal solution reaches its highest point in temperature. The second lab, we are dropping ice in coffee and watching the what happens along with the temperature. Also, we watched as the water boiled and made observations as the temperature as it started to boil. This is done on a Virtual Lab. Materials: (Virtual Lab) * Water * Ice * Water-heating device or heater * Metals(Aluminum, Steel, Copper, Lead) * Electrical Balance Procedures: SPECIFIC HEAT OF METALS: * Weigh the mass of the metal samples * Fill up the calorimeter to 100mL. It should be at 25C * Heat up the Aluminum Sample to 200C * Drop the Aluminum Sample in the water and record the temperature changes. * Repeat with the rest of the samples. PHASE CHANGE: * In the green ice bucket, scoop a beaker of ice. * Start stirring the beaker of ice * Start recording the temperature of the ice with a thermometer * Weigh the mass of the beaker and record the mass of the ice * Carry the beaker over to the calorimeter with a cup of ice and release it into the cup of 65mL of water already set up for you * Observe the temperature of the ice/water mixture * After the ice has melted all the way, heat up the water and observe the temperature and phase changes as it turns into steam * Record the temperature at which boiling begins * Look at your barometer and record this pressure Data Table: SPECIFIC HEAT OF METALS | Aluminum | Steel | Copper | Lead | Mass of metal (g) | 7.3547 | 20.0685 | 24.06 | 33.1229 | Volume of water (mL) | 100 | 100
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