Synthesis and Linkage Isomerization of Pentaamminechlorocobalt (Iii) Chloride

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A 125mL Erlenmeyer Flask was used to combine (15mL) of concentrated aqueous ammonia and ammonium chloride (0.0467mol, 2.49g). The mixture was stirred till fully dissolved. Colbalt (II) chloride hexahydrate was ground (6.2g) and added in small amounts to the stirring solution (0.0210mol, 5.2g). As the mixture continued to stir (4mL) of 30% hydrogen peroxide was added drop wise to yield a dark warm slurry. After the effervescence, (15mL) of concentrated HCl was added drop wise to the solution. The mixture was then heated for 15 minutes in a boiling water bath. In two separate small beakers (20mL) of distilled water was placed in one and (20mL) of 6M HCl in the other. Both beakers were placed into an ice bath. After heating, the mixture was cooled to room temperature and filtered by vacuum filtration into a fritted funnel to yield a purple product. The product was washed 3 times with (5mL) portions of chilled 6M HCL, then Ethanol, and lastly with acetone. The resulting product was placed into a vial and left to dry in a vacuum desiccator for 1 week and weighed the next week. The yield was 6.029g. The second experiment, procedure 1, combined [Co(NH3)5 (H2O)]Cl2 (0.0060M, 1.52g) and (25mL) of distilled water to an 125mL Erlenmeyer flask. The flask was gently heated (dial 5-6) and stirred until all the compound was dissolved. The heated solution was then vacuum filtered through a fritted funnel and the filtrate was cooled in an ice bath until the

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