Int Task 3

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INT Task 3 Problem Statement: The purpose of my experiment is to test the Mpemba Effect, which states that under certain circumstances hot water will freeze faster than cold water. Relevance of your testable question: This experiment is relevant in order to help specify the conditions under which the Mpemba Effect will occur. This experiment has been widely reproduced since its discovery in 1963 by Erasto B. Mpemba, but it’s still not completely understood. Literature Review: The first case study was taken from The experimenter used 3 identical plastic cups and filled one with room temperature tap water, one with warm tap water and one with boiling tap water. Each cup was placed into the freezer and was checked every 15 minutes for signs of freezing. The experimenter found that the room temperature water showed the first signs of freezing and in the final outcome froze solid before the water in the other cups. His findings showed that water containing impurities, such as tap water, will freeze faster based on a lower starting temperature. The second case study was covered in an article by Science News. In this study, two different types of water were used, distilled and tap water. The tap water was heated to 100 degrees Celsius and the distilled water was cooled to 25 degrees Celsius. They were placed into identical copper containers. The test was completed 27 times and each time the hotter tap water froze before the cooler water. Experimental design: Items used include: · 2 identical ceramic bowls that have been sitting at room temperature · 8 ounces of distilled water (water that has been heated and vaporized in order to remove contaminants and other elements) · A thermometer that reads between 0-220 degrees Fahrenheit (I will use a Taylor Classic Instant-Read Pocket thermometer) · A refrigerator freezer to freeze
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