Speaking and Caring

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Speaking and Caring Richard Rodriguez throughout his entire essay “The Achievement of Desire” states very clearly his opinions and feelings about his parents, teachers, his schooling, and his books. Rodriguez has many opinions that I support, it may be the fact we both come from a working-class family and some of the things that he described about his parents matched up with my parents. We also had somewhat similar experiences but there was also a good deal of things that I didn’t relate to him. Rodriguez wrote “The Achievement of Desire” to explain the experiences that he had during his life that shaped his opinions towards his parents and his overall life lessons from his education. He found himself becoming polar opposite to his parents and even resenting them because of the fact that they were not college educated people. But when it came the time that realized he wanted to be close with his family it was his education that gave him the ability to speak and care about that. Rodriguez often referred to himself as the so called “scholarship boy” from Hoggarts essay. “For although I was a very good student, I was also a very bad student. I was a “scholarship boy” a certain kind of scholarship boy. Always successful, I was always unconfident. Exhilarated by my progress. Sad. I became the prized student-anxious and eager to learn. Too eager, too anxious-an imitative and unoriginal pupil” (515-516). Rodriguez used Hoggarts essay to find a way of describing himself to the

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