The Privilege of Youth

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The Privilege of Youth In the autobiography, The Privilege of Youth, by Dave Pelzer, there are many characters that are shown. There’s Dave, who is the author of the book and also the boy overcame his harsh early life and tried to make the best out of it. Some of the main characters are his best friends, Paul and David, who gave Dave some of his childhood back. Dan Brazell, Paul’s father, and with time, Dave sees him as the father who was never there for him. There is also “The Sarge”, Mike Marsh, who helps Dave out get his life together as well as Dan did. This autobiography shows a missing part of Dave’s life. He speaks about what he went through in his youth and what he had to do to build up his self esteem and overcome all that he was put through by his mother and others who saw him as nothing. As hard as it was for him, he shows that with the help of people he met that grew care for him, he was able to see what he was capable of by taking time out of their lives for him. First, one of the challenges Dave Pelzer faced in his youth was finally being taken out of his mother’s house and put into foster care. In the beginning, he thinks that being a foster kid is going to be good but it took him a while to realize that it wasn’t what he dreamt it to be. Though he was away from abuse from his mother, foster care meant constant move for him. With all the moves he had to go through, he never really got the chance to fit in and become part of something. As soon as he felt like he was finally settling down, he left the family he was staying with. He was constantly being picked on for always being the skinny, nerdy, new kid. Second, Dave had to face the challenge of being judged because of what he was, a foster kid. Some people thought that he was in that situation because he had committed bad things but they didn’t know his story, he doesn’t like to share it, he
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