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Into the Wild By John Krakauer Synopsis Into the Wild is a book written by Jon Krakauer that details the enigmatic and risky adventures of a young man, Chris McCandless, who had recently graduated from Emory University in Georgia. Those risks ultimately led to the subject’s death in a not so remote yet harsh wilderness area in Alaska. Christopher McCandless also identified himself as Alexander Supertramp as the details of his adventures emerged. The author constructed a narrative of McCandless’s adventures after reading his own journals, letters to those he had met along the way, viewing photos taken by McCandless’s, and interviewing those people with whom McCandless had built relationships as his unique journey progressed. Krakauer lets the reader in on McCandless’s fate as story begins, and then the reader spends the remainder of the book following the journey and learning of the decisions that led to his death. The story…show more content…
The book depicted Chris McCandless as moody, sensitive, smart, hardworking, persuasive, determined, and very resourceful; these qualities are evident from very young age. The book also painted a picture of a young man at odds with his family and conflicted by the opportunities his upper middle-class status has afforded him. He was acutely aware of those who were less fortunate them himself, and he attempted to know that world and to encourage his peers to know that world. Though McCandless seemed to value the friendships and relationships he built after embarking on his journey, this was inconsistent with his ability to sever all ties with those with whom he had previous lifelong relationships. McCandless also struggled with his desire to go to and exist in the Alaska wilderness, and the reality that he might not

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