Where Men Win Glory Book Review

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Where Men Win Glory Audra Volk M/W Afternoon 3-6-2012 Where Men Win Glory In the book Where Men Win Glory, Jon Krakauer tells a fascinating story of a talented athlete who goes to war in Afghanistan. The book starts off by introducing the main character Pat Tillman as a child and at the same time introducing the beginning of the issues in Afghanistan. As the story progresses, the chapters will switch off between events in Pat Tillman's life and the horrible events regarding Al-Qaeda and the Taliban that are happening simultaneously as Tillman's story is told. Jon Krakauer does a good job of writing this story thoroughly and accurately; the book is nearly 450 pages. Krakauer is a talented writer and his ability to create an interesting story may have come from his crazy life. Born on 1954 in Corvallis, Oregon, he began to do many adventurous activities with his father, including rock climbing at the age of 8. After his graduation from Hampshire College in 1976, he traveled to southeastern Alaska to hike Devil's Thumb. His attempt to hike the coast is even mentioned in another one of his famous books Into The Wild. In 1992 he published his first great collection of essays called Eiger Dreams. After publishing more essays and books, he decided to climb Mt. Everest. The journey was one he did not expect; four of his teammates were killed on the expedition, including the expedition leader. After becoming emotionally scarred, he continued to write books. One of which books called Into Thin Air was inspired by his experience. Jon Krakauer commonly writes about "Mormon fundamentalism while examining his own religious beliefs and religious fundamentalism." This is relevant because the book Where Men Win Glory explores the religious mayhem and debate, and the "shattering truth about men and war" that ties into it. In the book Where Men Win Glory, Pat Tillman's

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