Uniformitarianism and Catastrophism

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The creation or development of earth has been debated for many years. People have come up with theories and hypothesis to explain where the universe originated from. Scientists try to come up with a theory explained by a natural occurrence whereas Christians stick with the beliefs that the Bible tells, God created everything. Although, scientists are still stuck on trying to figure out how old the earth is. Many have come up with theories for an old-earth but Christians believe in the young-earth. However, there are few Christians who believe in the old-earth theory through Catastrophism and Uniformitarianism. Terry Mortenson wrote, “The Origin of Old-Earth Geology and its Ramifications for Life in the 21st Century,” in his attempts to state his hypothesis about creation and research about both theories of old and young earth. This article was written for those who want to see different sides of the age of the earth. After reading this article one will see why people have different opinions of the earth. Also, Mortenson briefly describes those who were involved with these theories as well as telling the audience about their backgrounds and beliefs. He mentions how these men came up with their theories without the involvement of God. Mortenson goes on to defend his arguments by listing and describing the men involved in scriptural geology. Towards the end of the article the author states how most theories developed go completely against what the Bible teaches. This article has many points in which some would consider to be strong and valid points. Mortenson gives a clear view of how the theory of the earth has changed over time and continues change. Through this the author expresses how the flaws in modern science has caused a major downfall in modern society. It is obvious that he follows the view of the scriptural geologists, however, he does a
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