Spain’s Arnedillo Spa Hotel Essay

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Abstract Spain’s Arnedillo Spa Hotel was etched in the spa hotel industry as leader in the foundation of what we know today as the revolutionary spa facilities that exists. Sometimes it takes test, trials and even falls of one establishment to see the growing and changing enhancements of modern facilities and what they have to offer. The Arnedillo, experienced several transformations that spread from one continent to the other from Spain, Canada and even facilities in the US. Its rise and fall has been a blue print for others to follow and learn from. The village of Arnedillo, next to the Cidacos River, has been crown land since 1170 through a concession by King Alfonso VII. The spa’s history dates back to Roman times, as evidenced by some remains that have been found (Arnedillo Spa Resort, 2012). Sitting at Balneario de Arnedillo Spa/Hotel in Arnedillo, Spain, situated in the mountainous setting of the La Rioja Mountain range and the fertile Cicacos valley, this area is considered one of the most beautiful in Spain and one of the best locations for relaxations and quietness. (Kingstone, 2011) Today, it is a modern spa that has been completely refurbished to include the latest technologies and facilities. Arnedillo is known for its two three-star hotels. The Hotel del Balnerario which has a capacity for 275 guests, while the capacity of the Hotel El Oliver will serve 100 persons. Both hotels has been owned and operated by the present company since 1848 (Lynn C. Harrison, 1996). The facilities has been since creating, developing and planning strategies to with growth in the industry and several paradiam shifts in the spa market. They have however experienced some very critical issues that have caused a decrease in business in a declining industry. One of the three major issues Arnedillo experienced is the lack of competitive

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